WordPress redirect loop

Had the problem after upgrade recently. Turned out it was because Cloudfront SSL termination causes wordpress to keep redirecting https.

Solution here.



每天晚上回家, Pocky都会跑到门口来迎接我. 每天晚上睡觉, Pocky都会各种乖巧的睡到我的床上.


某日晚上和Raj从gym回来之后开始研究wordpress的安全性, 最后实在是发现得到database就是王道, 有了db就是有了一切. 不过wp这方面还是蛮牛的, 又是某种变异的blowfish加密又外加一种最后也没弄清楚的验证方法, 我们硬往里写了一个新用户, 但还是没绕过某个验证, 最后直接大绝招改代码 lol


周六的时候去Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival做Volunteer, 很开心的去了3个booth帮忙, 强烈认识到在巧克力工厂干活的人们真的会无比幸福啊. 我一边分装各种巧克力一边往嘴巴里塞一边再看到人们的笑容, 真的很棒耶. 而且巧克力们都很好吃.


Top 1当然是我们的然姐不远千里来看我们啦, 并且丫做了件让Raj无比嫉妒我的事情. Raj说了一个礼拜的”You have such a good friend”… lol

Migrate Blogs from WordPress to Blogger

As many people trying to shift from blogger to wordpress, it seems i am one of those miorities. Despite how powerful wordpress is, i was tired with updating wordpress day by day. So i gave up my DIY space 6 months ago, and dived myself in blogger. So far, i am totally satisfied. New year is coming, it’s time to migrate blogs.

This blog provides a way to migrate as well as the migration tool, named Blog2blog. It is easy to use, however which i dont like, it is based on dot NET.

Here is some limitations: it cannot import/export comments, and it can only import up to 50 posts due to Google API.