结果很在意料之内.. btw 这个测试太无聊了..

Your Systemizing (SQ) and Empathizing (EQ) Quotient Test Results

March 25, 2010

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Respondent Average EQ Average SQ Brain Type
Males 39.0 61.2 Systemizing
Females 48.0 51.7 Empathizing
Your Score 54 105 Extreme Systemizing

What does your score mean?
Generally, the higher the score the greater your natural ability for that trait. However, the EQ test has 40 questions compared to 75 in the SQ test. As a result, although the unprocessed quotients may be used for comparing each trait ability between individuals, the absolute scores do not tell an individual if he or she has a greater tendency to empathize or systemize. A calculation taking into account the quantity of questions in each test is used to determine a person’s brain type along the following continuum:

  • Extreme Empathizing (Extreme E)
  • Empathizing (E)
  • Balanced (B)
  • Systemizing (S)
  • Extreme Systemizing (Extreme S)
Brain Types of Experimental Control Groups
Respondent Extreme E E Balanced S Extreme S
Males 0% 17% 31% 46% 6%
Females 7% 47% 32% 14% 0%

The important factor to consider is not your absolute score, but the difference between the two. This indicates whether you have more natural ability as an Empathizer or a Systemizer. If your scores are about the same for your EQ and SQ, then you have well balanced empathizing-systemizing capabilities.

My Love Language

上次keying说的时候就觉得我好像都需要… 现在看来我的确是一个很难伺候的人… 不过好歹weight不全是一样的..

Test Results:

Percent Language Score
Words of Affirmation   5  
Quality Time   8  
Receiving Gifts   4  
Acts of Service   6  
Physical Touch   7  








第五型 理智型五号




对自己要求:当我成为某一方面的专家时,我就 okay 了。




处理感情的方法:用抽离方式处理,仿佛是旁观者, 100 %用脑做人,不喜欢群体动作,对规则不耐烦

身体语言:双手交叉胸前,上身后倾,翘腿;面部表情;冷漠,皱起眉头;讲话方式 / 语调:平板,刻意表现深度,兜转,没有感情。



不能处理逆境时出现的特征:与现实脱节型:吝啬:有被吞噬的恐惧;抗拒感情牵绑;病态式的自我孤立;冷血、无感觉;延迟采取行为;认知导向;空虚感;内疚;自卑;负面;过敏;长时间独处, 希望不被骚扰;有特殊专长,基本技能劣拙;想象能力极高,特别多恐惧;不祈望被爱=防止伤害



典型冲突:难以接近,令人 ( 尤其二号及四号 ) 有挫败感







沟通要点:不要侵犯五号的空间及时间;避免一切身体接触;不要求五号给予实时的反应,容许他们有时间思索; 采取主动;不要对五号的思想或感受做出假设;五号不能处理人际冲突,帮助他们缓和此类情况。






Rate my Life!

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 8.1
Mind: 7.5
Body: 8.2
Spirit: 7.3
Friends/Family: 6.2
Love: 7.7
Finance: 7.2
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Your Life Analysis:

Life: Your life rating is a score of the sum total of your life, and accounts for how satisfied, successful, balanced, capable, valuable, and happy you are. The quiz attempts to put a number on the summation of all of these things, based on your answers. Your life score is reasonably high. This means that you are on a good path. Continue doing what is working and set about to improve in areas which continue to lag. Do this starting today and you will begin to reap the benefits immediately. (Read more on improving your life)

Mind: Your mind rating is a score of your mind’s clarity, ability, and health. Higher scores indicate an advancement in knowledge, clear and capable thinking, high mental health, and pure thought free of interference. Your mind score is within a healthy zone. This means you have achieved a level of mental balance and harmony consistent with living a healthy, happy life. Continue doing what works, and keep your focus. In our fast-paced world, mental clutter is all too common. Be vigilant in maintaining healthy mental function. Read advice from other quiz-takers on improving the mind.

Body: Your body rating measures your body’s health, fitness, and general wellness. A healthy body contributes to a happy life, however many of us are lacking in this area. You have a rather good body score, which is an indication that you take care of yourself. There is room for improvement, however. Please keep doing what works. Eat right, exercise, reduce your stress, treat any illness. Doing these things will help ensure your body will be in good working order for a long time to come. Read advice from other quiz-takers on improving the body.

Spirit: Your spirit rating seeks to capture in a number that elusive quality which is found in your faith, your attitude, and your philosophy on life. A higher score indicates a greater sense of inner peace and balance. Your spirit score is relatively high, which means you are rewarded by your beliefs. Spirituality is clearly important to do. Never let it slip, and continue to learn and grow. Read advice from other quiz-takers on improving the spirit.

Friends/Family: Your friends and family rating measures your relationships with those around you, and is based on how large, healthy, and dependable your social network is. Your friends and family score is not bad but can be improved. Maintain your current social net, while you try to expand it. Try new things and form new friendships. You will be rewarded greatly.

Love: Your love rating is a measure of your current romantic situation. Sharing your heart with another person is one of life’s most glorious, terrifying, rewarding experiences. Your love score is in good shape, meaning that things are going well. Do all you can to maintain it, and continue to grow and move ahead. Read advice from other quiz-takers on finding and maintaining love.

Finance: Your finance rating is a score that rates your current financial health and stability. You have a rather good financial score, which is not all that common these days. Keep doing what works. Avoid common pitfalls and save for the future. You will be glad you did. Read advice from other quiz-takers on improving your finances.

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