Things to do in San Francisco

Check how much i havnt done.



  • Go to Alcatraz and definitely take the audio tour.
  • Tour Fishersman’s Whart. It is touristy and cheesy, beware.
  • See the sea lions at Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Get some clam chowder at Boudin in Fisherman’s Wharf. Beware, it’s a lot of food.
  • Talk with the street performer by Ghirardelli’s. Ask him to sing in any language you want (Turkish, Russian, Mandarin and German works)
  • Visit the wineries in Napa Valley. Better if you take a tour instead of driving there yourself.
  • Bike the bridge to Sausalito. Be amazed how much it resembles Istanbul.
  • Go see a concert in Mountain View Amphitheater. I recommend The Fray.
  • Buy some sundae from Ghirardelli. Beware that they are ridicolously sweet; probably want to share it with someone.
  • Go see the painted ladies (not what you think) and reminisce about Full House.
  • Get some food at In-n-Out. Bonus points for off-menu items.
  • Eat breakfast at Pat’s in North Beach. Maybe not as fancy as Mama’s but there’s not a 2 hour waiting line.
  • Eat some Italian food at Cafe Zoetrope (owned by Francis Ford Coppola).
  • While there, visit some of the bars on Broadway and then eat drunk-food at Golden Boy Pizza.
  • Go to Mission and hang out with the hipster crowd. I recommend the hookah bar on Valencia.
  • Visit Baker Beach. Beware of the nudists (or join in).
  • Go to a bonfire on Ocean Beach on a sunday.
  • If you see a Tesla roadster on the road, try to take a photo of it and have the driver smile at you.
  • Find friends who work at start-ups based in the city so and have BBQ parties on the rooftop.
  • Go to Chinatown and buy some Chinese food that looks scary.
  • Find a friend who has sailing license and sail in the bay with your friends. Beware, it’s windy but awesome still.
  • Drink some fancy tea at Samovar (by Metreon, ask around)
  • Take the cable car. (but be ready for the long waits)
  • Go to one of the Nightlife parties at California Academy of Sciences on a Thursday
  • Visit MOMA and want to buy every single thing at the gift shop.
  • Eat a fried chicken sandwich at Bakesale Betty. There’s a line but it moves really fast. And it is worth it.
  • Hang around at Union Square at night. It’s very fancy.
  • Go to Dolores Park. That place gets interesting at night.
  • Listen to some random people playing music at Union Square.
  • Find a street festival (Haight and Ashbury was fun) and go there.
  • Walk through Tenderloin at late night. Bonus points for making it home safely.
  • Eat some tasty burritos in Mission at Taqueria Cancun.
  • Go to a GitHub meetup and drink some Scotch on your favorite repo’s dime
  • Sit next to the founder of your blog software on the bus (and don’t realize it).
  • Go to Marina district. I haven’t figured out what to do there yet.

So many places i need to check out in San Francisco!

Here is i did/plan to do on top of those

  • Go to 17-miles Drive/Big Sur, take photos
  • Watch Blue Angels flying on top of your head as part of air show.
  • Visit De young Museum, see an exhibition
  • Drive down Lambard Street
  • Do a parallel parking on uphill/downhill
  • Go to japan town, watch a movie in Japanese/Chinese
  • Attend one parade on any traditional Chinese festival
  • Chill at night waiting for Caltrain/whatever
  • Biking trip in Napa
  • Pass a tunnel to Lands End, trying to see the Far East 
  • Climb up the Filbert Steps toward Coit Tower
  • Check out 16th Ave tiled mosaic steps
  • Hiking at Muir Woods. Take the long, windy roads to get there.
  • Crabbing at Berkeley/Pacifica/Golden Gate Bridge/Bay

Last Updated: Apr. 12th, 2011