Kindle wifi w/ Mac Airport Sharing

My Kindle has some problem with my company wifi because Kindle does not support certificates. So i decide to give Mac Internet Sharing a try. No luck, Kindle says ‘Cannot connect’. After researching online, the problem seems to be clear (from

The problem is that the kindle aways uses 0 in the “number of seconds since boot” field of the dhcp request packet, and the mac has a filter of 4. So it ignores the DHCP request from the kindle (and the xbox, and the Nintendo).

It suggests to edit /etc/bootpd.plist and change reply_threshold_seconds to 0. But that file gets reset every time you starts and stops the sharing. So the easier solution is just to use static ip instead:

Setting >> wifi >> select your SSID >>..wait..>> Wi-fi Error dialog >> Set Up >> Advanced >> Advanced Options:

Connection Type: Static
IP Address:      10.0.2.xx (anything from 2 to 254)
Subnet Mask:

>> Connect!