#好雪友一辈子# 2016 Jackson Hole

前文提到我们四个小伙伴周日晚从盐湖城驱车往北,原来打算住到 Idaho Falls 的,后来觉得不如多开一些,便开到离 Jackson Hole 40分钟的小镇 Victor。小镇很小,连 motel 也没有几个,最后开过去的路上两边都是雪,motel 也是孤零零的一个,酷似那种悬疑惊悚片里的感觉。

早上醒来的时候外面还在下雪,开车过去有点小堵。因为订的是 Teton Village 里 ski in/ski out 的Hostel,便先把行李放下。

Jackson Hole Trail Map

Jackson Hole Trail Map

Jackson Hole 作为北美第一的雪场,第一眼看到的时候并不是非常的惊艳,可能也有天气的原因,下雪天看得也不是很清。本以为前两天在 Utah 是见过最好的雪了,可是一踩上 Jackson Hole 的雪我就知道我错了。


第一眼看到 Jackson Hole 的山,下雪天啥都看不清




AWS Summit SF 2015

AWS-Summit_Option-White-San Francisco

很久没有去城里了,借这个机会去城里看看AWS的最新动向,顺便见见朋友。其实也很久没有碰AWS了,所以这次去看还是有点被吓到 – 原来AWS的服务有这么多了,更别提那些围绕着AWS的那群厂商了,这个ecosystem算是好大的一块蛋糕了,大大小小的厂商都在往云里挪,连NASA都挪AWS上了。

这次AWS发布了两个新服务 – Machine Learning和EFS。Machine Learning我觉得还是蛮贵的,而且基本只能做linear regression的简单算法,最关键的是train完的model不是你的,还得付钱才能用,不过如果要bootstrap一些东西的话,可能还是蛮方便的。EFS是新的share storage service,倒是应该会蛮有用的。

去听了一些其他的session,有的干货还是不少,有的感觉还是有点sales session的感觉。他们很多的东西原来都不知道,比如Kinesis, CodeDeploy, OpsWorks, Lambda等等。基本上,现在要做东西的话,aws提供的服务搭一搭就可以了,可以专注于business logic。当然,还得有钱 😉

话说AWS自己怎么没有一个demo app,把所有他们的service都给用上,那一定很impressive吧。

写在Google Reader关闭之后

前两天还在抱怨好久没什么更新呢, 结果今天就关了. 互联网上好多的好的服务真是可惜, 各种死法, 服务太好成本太高垮掉, 大公司调整产品砍掉, 小公司被卖掉后产品被砍掉, 当然还有一种可能就是会被墙掉.

Google Reader的前PM在Quora上说:

Brian Shih, Former Google Reader Product Manager
Let’s be clear that this has nothing to do with revenue vs operating costs. Reader never made money directly (though you could maybe attribute some of Feedburner and AdSense for Feeds usage to it), and it wan’t the goal of the product.

Reader has been fighting for approval/survival at Google since long before I was a PM for the product. I’m pretty sure Reader was threatened with de-staffing at least three times before it actually happened. It was often for some reason related to social:

  • 2008 – let’s pull the team off to build OpenSocial
  • 2009 – let’s pull the team off to build Buzz
  • 2010 – let’s pull the team off to build Google+

It turns out they decided to kill it anyway in 2010, even though most of the engineers opted against joining G+. Ironically, I think the reason Google always wanted to pull the Reader team off to build these other social products was that the Reader team actually understood social (and tried a lot of experiments over the years that informed the larger social features at the company)[1]. Reader’s social features also evolved very organically in response to users, instead of being designed top-down like some of Google’s other efforts[2].

I suspect that it survived for some time after being put into maintenance because they believed it could still be a useful source of content into G+. Reader users were always voracious consumers of content, and many of them filtered and shared a great deal of it.

But after switching the sharing features over to G+ (the so called “share-pocalypse”) along with the redesigned UI, my guess is that usage just started to fall – particularly around sharing. I know that my sharing basically stopped completely once the redesign happened [3]. Though Google did ultimately fix a lot of the UI issues, the sharing (and therefore content going into G+) would never recover.

So with dwindling usefulness to G+, (likely) dwindling or flattening usage due to being in maintenance, and Google’s big drive to focus in the last couple of years, what choice was there but to kill the product?

Personally, I think that there is still a lot of value a service like Reader could provide — particularly in a world with increasing information overload coming us from many different sources. But Reader at Google was pigeonholed as an RSS-reader explicitly, and didn’t have a chance to grow beyond that to explore that space. But that’s neither here nor there.

[1] See Reader’s friends implementations v1, v2, and v3, comments, privacy controls, and sharing features. Actually wait, you can’t see those anymore, since they were all ripped out.

[2] Rob Fishman‘s Buzzfeed article has good coverage of this: Google’s Lost Social Network

[3] Reader redesign: Terrible decision, or worst decision? I was a lot angrier then than I am now — now I’m just sad.

真的好可惜啊, 还有这么多用户呢. 也开始对各种云产品更加不放心. 现在disk这么便宜, 好歹maintenance mode可以搞上很多年嘛, 干脆搞个snapshot也行啊.

暂时还没有打算找替代品, 好歹还能用到7月1号, 这段时间里应该会有很多替代品出现吧. 不知道有没有办法把我所有follow的blog所有过去的文章倒出来, 很多朋友的blog都没有了.

话说既然都到了云时代, 或者不如全自己架云host吧…