Deepin Wine WeChat Notes

Archlinux with en locale


/usr/lib/gsd-xsettings &

Chinese font settings:

1. Create a reg file chn.reg


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontLink\SystemLink]
"Arial CE,238"="notosans.ttc"
"Arial CYR,204"="notosans.ttc"
"Arial Greek,161"="notosans.ttc"
"Arial TUR,162"="notosans.ttc"
"Courier New"="notosans.ttc"
"Courier New CE,238"="notosans.ttc"
"Courier New CYR,204"="notosans.ttc"
"Courier New Greek,161"="notosans.ttc"
"Courier New TUR,162"="notosans.ttc"
"Microsoft YaHei"="notosans.ttc"
"MS Sans Serif"="notosans.ttc"
"MS Shell Dlg"="notosans.ttc"
"MS Shell Dlg 2"="notosans.ttc"
"Times New Roman CE,238"="notosans.ttc"
"Times New Roman CYR,204"="notosans.ttc"
"Times New Roman Greek,161"="notosans.ttc"
"Times New Roman TUR,162"="notosans.ttc"
"Tms Rmn"="notosans.ttc"

2. Import

WINEPREFIX=~/.deepinwine/Deepin-WeChat deepin-wine regedit 

3. Adjust DPI

WINEPREFIX=~/.deepinwine/Deepin-WeChat deepin-wine winecfg

How to be an Instagram influencer

1. Get more impressions for your post

  • #hashtag
    • Pick ones with 150k to 1M posts
    • Try to tag as many as possible (30 allowed) / some said 9-11 is optimal
    • Create your own #hashtag
    • Can stay in “top posts” sections up for ~48hours (maybe even longer) if your post gets a lot of tractions
  • Geo tag
    • 2-3x more views
  • Boost post engagements → get on “Explore” feed (200MM Explore DAU vs 600+MM DAU)
    • Call-to-action on the post
    • Engagement groups
    • Engage with audience: Send message to them → your post would show up more frequently in their feeds
  • Ads

Get more followers

  • Buy followers? -> social proof
  • Shoutouts (cross promotions with other influencers)
  • Follow ppl who follow similar content. Unfollow them if they don’t follow back
  • Write comments on other relevant content (be the first!)
  • Use stories (same as posts, they show up in #hashtag or geo location)

Contagious by Jonah Berger

近期读过的非常好的 marketing 类图书,主要分析为什么一个火的东西能能够火起来。这年头,于个人,于产品,marketing 已经越来越重要了,酒香也怕巷子深。作者分析了 virality 的六个因素,Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value, Stories, 简称为 STEPPS, 也挺好记的。



Restore Tag When Plug/Unplug Screen in Awesome WM

tag.connect_signal("request::screen", function(t)
    clients = t:clients()
    for s in screen do
        if s ~= t.screen and clients and next(clients) then
            t.screen = s
            t.original_tag_name = t.original_tag_name or
   = .. "'"
            t.volatile = true

screen.connect_signal("added", function(s)
    for k,t in pairs(root.tags()) do
        if t.original_tag_name then
          -- find the new tag on the new screen
            new_tag = awful.tag.find_by_name(s, t.original_tag_name)
            if new_tag then
       = t.original_tag_name
                t.original_tag_name = nil
                new_tag:delete(t, true)

Reference: reddit