i know i am a nerd because of..

the post on archlinux forum is funny

i like this one:

I’m a nerd because I know the secret of counting to 1024 with my fingers.


That’s about to be the greatest finger exercises I’ve ever known. lol

But.. someone states out:

you know, it is really only 1023 :p


I’m a nerd because when I read that I thought ‘or my fingers would overflow’.


Sounds painful.

But they forget we could turn our hands around

Besides, a true geek knows you’ve got two more bits by turning your hands around(so, say from palms towards you to away), or even putting your hands at an angle for two more bits…

2^14 = 16,384

So, we can give others the “4”..

When you give someone the “4”, he will understand only if he is a turbo nerd.

And i decide to change my hand sign to show 13.. HAHA