24 hours lecture saturday.. 8am to 8am



Dear students,

As we discussed in the last lecture, we have quite a bit of material
to catch up with. Since it’s more than I anticipated, I decided that
we’re going to have a 24-hour long lecture starting this Saturday at
8am until Sunday 8am. I am aware that this will be somewhat strenuous,
(especially for me), but we’re going to have 20 minutes break during
every 2 hours of lecture, so we should all have sufficient time for
eating, etc. During our 1-day lecture, we will cover topics that we
didn’t have enough time during the regular lecture, for example in
SSL/TLS, key establishment, ad hoc network routing attacks, etc. A 4
hour segment will be dedicated to cryptography, so please review the
basics before Saturday. I will post any extra readings that are
needed, no reading critiques will be necessary, but there may be a pop
quiz or two to check whether the materials have been properly
digested. Best wishes,

噢! 原来今天是April Fool….